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“My first impression during the purchasing stage, when I saw the presentation, was that brandr index was a very simple and readily understandable analytical tool. I could immediately see how the brand score was calculated. There was not much I had to ask about —I immediately ‘got it’”

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Domino’s Pizza

​​”This was really important, because it helped us reach our customers. What we knew from the Gallup surveys was that our most negative feedback comes from people that never order our product and have no interest in it. brandr Index has helped us reach our real customers, whose feedback is actually the most valuable. So, cost, reach and depth of information are the top three upsides to using brandr Index”

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“When we used brandr Index for the first time the results delightfully indicated that brand image aligned in many aspects with our marketing and communication activities. But, there were also gaps we felt we should focus on, and things that needed an emphasis”

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