Frequently Asked Questions

Our brand index, developed through in-depth analysis of hundreds of brands, provides clear, user-friendly reports and presentations. Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more.

How is brandr index different?

What are the 5 most important factors why we should use brandr Index?

  1. Get unique insights into how your customers perceive your brand.
  2. Get results simply and quickly, at a fraction of the cost of conventional market research.
  3. Invest in tracking the most valuable intangible asset you have: your brand.
  4. Get a benchmark for your brand against competing brands as branding is relative.
  5. Provide KPIs for the boardroom. Take the guess work out of marketing and enable strategic decisions.

We know our customers so well. Why should I use brandr Index?

Replace “I think” with “I know” using brandr Index. Many companies base their decisions regarding the brand on feelings and perceptions of what the customer thinks about them. Sometimes that works, but it is always better to have knowledge based on research rather than feelings.


A brand’s positioning is the sum of both actual and perceptual factors that are stored in consumers’ memories. To fully leverage the benefits of having favourable and unique brand equity, we need to understand these rational and emotional factors, how much they matter and how they vary between different stakeholders. brandr Index helps you do exactly that with real data to back up what your customers are saying. brandr Index gives you a comprehensive 360° overview of the constructs that matter the most to consumers in a clear and visual way.

Can I use brandr Index for benchmarking?

Yes, you can. A core component of brandr Index is to contextualize your data by providing reference points that are relevant to your brand, such as lowest, average and highest scores.

brandr Index compares the key components of your brand (differentiation, segmentation, image and social responsibility) to your competitors and the market as a whole. Please keep in mind that the currently available benchmarking data varies based on industries and geographical markets. However, every client has options when selecting competitors to measure and to compare against.

What data/competitors do we compare against?

The currently available benchmarking data varies between industries and geographical markets. Contact our sales advisors to get a benchmark tailored to your needs.

What does brandr Index cost?

brandr Index allows you to invest in the most valuable asset you have: your brand. We have different business models for diverse needs and types of companies. Contact sales for more information.

How did you end up with the segments and the questions that are in the brandr Index today?

brandr Index uses methods based on years of research by Dr Larsen.

We only have limited time to get reliable answers from survey respondents before they drop out or give inaccurate data. Therefore, the index measures the constructs that matter the most to consumers when it comes to the positioning of brands. We know these are the most important questions because the index is based on academic research and practical experience.

Can we make changes to the questionnaire?

brandr Index is standardized research tool and as such there are limitations on what can be changed. This standardization of brandr Index research method is its most important feature, making it useful to benchmark against competitors, market segments and whole industries. Furthermore, it gives companies that have done the research once the capability to measure how their brand is developing year from year. Companies that are interested have an option of adding to the research if there are issues they want to research in more detail. Contact our sales advisors for further information.


brandr Index vs NPS?

The NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a single metric that was designed to predict the growth of businesses. Due to its simplicity, it has been used for a range of purposes, to measure loyalty towards brands, customer satisfaction, trust, or the performance of individual products. This simplicity is one of the main reasons it is used so much, not that it is the correct way to measure what it is used to measure. The Net Promotor Score does not reveal why you get the score you get from your customer.


brandr Index on the other hand is a multi-dimensional model that measures positioning and gives unique insights into HOW your brand is performing and WHY it is performing in that way. Brand equity and the predictive value of sales had never been measured, until brandr Index.

brandr Index vs Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

Customer satisfaction surveys are a valuable tool for most businesses. They can be used for brands as a whole, specific business units, products or services. They are, however, limited to measuring satisfaction and its related attributes, rather than other important positioning factors such as a brand’s appeal, customers’ emotional investment with a brand or the brand’s perceived uniqueness.

brandr Index vs Brand Awarness?

Brand awareness is the level of brand recall and recognition that consumers have of a particular brand and its specific product category. Brand awareness is a part of brand knowledge. Awareness studies such as Relevance, SoV and TOM can be both important and useful to measure. Insights from these differ from those you gain with brandr Index. Insights from the index give a deeper understanding of where strengths and weaknesses lie, their extent and to whom they are relevant.

brandr Index vs Brand Knowledge

Brand knowledge has two components: brand awareness and brand image.

Brand knowledge, or a consumer’s understanding a memory of a product, does not go as deeply as where your brand is positioned against competition and the return of ROI on your marketing budget. brandr Index can give you a more comprehensive overview of the constructs that matter most to consumers in a clear and visual way.

The Process

How do we run the brandr Index?

Since brandr Index is a standardized method, it takes a short time to start the research and there is very limited role the client plays in the process. We aim to ask people that have experience with the brand. We deliver to you a draft email to send to the group you want to use as subjects.

In collaboration with a brandr research expert, you distribute the survey to your clients and/or stakeholders. The most common method of distribution is via email, using a newsletter subscribers list or a customers list. It is also possible to use social media, or you could use a panel

How many answers do we need?

The short answer is 300. The long answer is that it depends. You will need a representative sample from which to extrapolate information; the size of the sample will depend on your market, size, and other factors. A brandr research expert will guide you in the data collection process from design and recruitment to launch.

How long does it take for participants to complete the survey?

It takes less than five minutes to complete the survey. We know that you don’t want to bother your customers with a lengthy questionnaire. That is why we have made sure that brandr Index only measures the factors that matter the most. Resulting in an average LOI (length of interview) of 4 minutes.

How often do companies run the brandr index survey?

We recommend that all our clients run a survey at least annually for each brand. In between, you will have time to work on improving performance in areas that did not perform well. brandr Index is an exceptionally good tool to identify your brands weak points, helping you to ever improve your brand where it matters.

What do we do with the data after we get the results?

Once you have the survey results, you can then analyse your brandr Index and create a strategy to further strengthen your brand. We offer our clients further consultation and services to dig deeper into their brand and help them make the best strategic decisions. Contact your sales advisor for further information. 

I think brandr Index is interesting - but we don't have the resources to focus on that right now.

You can get brandr Index research started with less the 2 hours work and have the results within 2 weeks.

Since brandr Index is a standardized research method, it requires minimal effort on your behalf and the turnaround time can be as fast as 10 business days. Pricing is competitive and allows you to outsource most of the work you need to do to measure your brand. Contact our sales advisors for further information. 

Is the brandr index the right tool for my company?

Who can benefit from using the brandr Index?

brandr Index is beneficial for most brands, including businesses and other organisations such as universities, NGOs, public services and sports organisations. Any organization that needs to measure its brand’s positioning or ROI on marketing can benefit from using brandr Index. The index identifies scientifically valued constructs that matter to maximize ROI of marketing towards building a profitable brand.

Is brandr Index for B2B or B2C?

brandr Index is suitable for any brand.

brandr Index is available to both B2B and B2C businesses. In fact, it is available to all types of organizations including NGOs, universities, public organizations, and more. If you need to measure your brand, you can use brandr Index.

B2B brands – By making some key adjustments, we have ensured that you get the most out of the index and that you will understand how different stakeholders perceive your brand.

B2C brands – The B2C solution provides brands with the precious data they need on how customers perceive their brand. It evaluates the strength of your brand, and helps you turn brand equity into profit.

B2C product brands – The B2C product solution is specifically tailored to product brands and product lines.

Banking, energy, insurance – brandr Index offers industry specific solutions for banking, energy and insurance. These sectors have a commonality in their intangible offerings and value being mostly realized through services. This is why we have developed specialized brand measurement tools for each of these three markets.


No matter what industry you are in you can use brandr Index. The reports are always clear, easy to follow and presentation friendly.


Can we use the Brandr Index internally?

Yes absolutely.


Using brandr Index internally can be valuable because:
– Your brand is important to retaining your employees.
– Your brand helps to attract new employees and key personnel.
– Your brandr index can help you find the gap between your employees’ perception of the company and your clients’ perception. 

We have several brands in our portfolio. How can we use brandr Index?

You can use brandr Index to get insights into individual brands in your portfolio and see which of them are the strongest performers and which need more work.

How can brandr Index be useful for the board / owners?

The report helps C-level executives to make decisions. It takes the guess words out of marketing and allows the CEO to track marketing’s process. That way, marketing managers can show that they’ve done their jobs and can ask for a budget increase with a straight face to build up a strong brand.


However, knowing that C-level executives don’t have much time, we created the report in a hierarchical structure to give just the key facts at the top. The hierarchical structure of the insights in brandr Index means that different parts of the report are relevant to different stakeholders in your company. The high-level insights might be more relevant in the boardroom whilst crunching the numbers behind individual questions might be more appealing to marketing or insights managers.

GDPR and data protection

What about GDPR?

brandr index is GDPR safe to use as the data is stored in data centres with regular audits and is never shared with a third party.

brandr Global is a research company. Therefor it complies with all GDPR demands and handles all data in accordance with the rules.

Where is the data stored?

All data is stored on servers that are co-located in off-site data centres that undergo periodic SSAE 16 SOC audits and are constantly monitored for unauthorized access.

Is my data shared with others?

Your data will never be shared with a third party. Your data becomes a part of the brandr database, and your scores will be a part of the averages that are used for the benchmarking.

Do I need special permits to contact customers?

Assuming you are in compliance with GDPR, you do not need special permission to contact your mailing list. You should not need special permits to contact customers. Check internally with your company’s legal team to verify.

What happens after the report is handed in

We get the results. Then what?

Congratulations! You now have important data to help you understand your brand’s positioning.


Once you have the report, the next step is to interpret it and set goals for improvement. We offer a presentation of the results from a brandr consultant, and we can also offer our clients further consultation and services to dig deeper into their brand and help them make the best strategic decisions. The choice is yours. Contact us for further information. 

How do we measure improvements on actions?

You can continue to return to your brandr Index to measure change year over year. We recommend that clients reissue brandr Index surveys annually to measure a brand’s progress.

We are already using a branding consulting agency. How does this affect what they do?

brandr Index is a standalone product that can act as an addition to the work you are already doing. It does not replace using a consulting agency. However, it does provide real-time data compared to your competitors that you cannot get anywhere else.

It can also be an effective way to measure whether the work you are doing, building your brand, is doing what it should be doing: increasing brand value.

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